Looking for Hunchback of Notre Dame roleplays!

Hello! My name is Mako and I’m looking for Hunchback of Notre Dame roleplays. I'm looking for people to play as either Phoebus or Frollo in a MxF pairing. I will be playing as my OC and plot will be discussed in the DMs. Please be literate/type at least 5 sentences.


》I only roleplay in 3rd person.

》For now, I’m only looking for MxF pairings. I will play the female.

》Romance and nsfw will take place in the rp but it doesn’t have to be the main focus. Dark themes can be present too but it's optional.

》You must have watched or you’re willing to watch the movie.

CONTACT: Vampy#2495 on discord


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Today, I was reading NDdP after a very long time. I've also thought about Disney's HOND turning 20 this year. :) I still have many Net friends I would never have learned to know without the novel and the film. I am also happy because my little son is taking an interest in the books based on the film, and he has even seen it a couple of times! Besides, at times he plays with my softie Quasi and the character figurines.
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12 icons

12 icons → Notre Dame de Paris: film adaptions + film with book quotes, Disney's the Hunchback of Notre Dame & its concept art
post includes 34 more icons of doctor who(classic,60's+UNITera), armour games' flight, and more disney

here @ letsskyrocket
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Disney Sales Post- LOTS of HoND stuff!

Hello everyone! Later this month abarero, haro, and pantstacular are going to Disney World. In order to make this trip go as smoothly as possible, we are going to need some extra funds! This is your chance to help us out AND get some cool Disneyana at the same time. There's a ton of awesome stuff under the cut, some of it really rare, all of it Disney. Beanies, snowglobes, dolls, princess zizzlingers, you name it. And if you're looking for a specific film? There's a good chance we have an item or few of it in this post.


WE ARE LOCATED IN THE US, BUT WE WILL SHIP INTERNATIONALLY. All breakable items will be packed carefully and safely as well as being labeled fragile. We prefer payment via paypal, but if there is absolutely no way you can pay via paypal, please let us know and we can try to work something else out. If you're interested in an item, PLEASE REPLY! You may ask any questions about the item as well. If you're sure you want to purchase, please reply with the items you wish to order as well as your zip code, and we'll give you your total and the paypal address in which to send your payment. All of the beanies are 'make an offer,' but if you'd like to try and make an offer on any other item, you may.

Look below the fake cut for literally hundreds of Disney items! )
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Have to give away some HoND stuff

I'm moving and I have to give away some of my HoNd stuff, because there's not enough space in the new flat. I'm giving the things away for free, you only have to pay shipping costs.


Quasimodo, the happy king - 300 pieces

Phoebus and Esmeralda - 200 pieces

Clementoni puzzle - 250 pieces

Notre Dame and main characters - 500 pieces

Escaping from Frollo - 100 pieces

Quasi shows his friends the view - 100 pieces

Festival of Fools - 280 pieces

Outside Notre Dame - 200 pieces

Quasimodo the celebrated hero - 500 pieces

Quasimodo's Toy World - 200 pieces


Everything is still available except the Gypsum Figurines and Esmeralda Barbie.
I also have Esmeralda's wagon with horses.

EDIT: Here are two pictures of the wagon. I know it's too bright, but the sun was shining *lol* It's Esmeralda's Gypsy wagon with two horses, two Esmeralda figures some furniture and I can give a Djali figurine in addition.