shipperheart (shipperheart) wrote in hond,

Have to give away some HoND stuff

I'm moving and I have to give away some of my HoNd stuff, because there's not enough space in the new flat. I'm giving the things away for free, you only have to pay shipping costs.


Quasimodo, the happy king - 300 pieces

Phoebus and Esmeralda - 200 pieces

Clementoni puzzle - 250 pieces

Notre Dame and main characters - 500 pieces

Escaping from Frollo - 100 pieces

Quasi shows his friends the view - 100 pieces

Festival of Fools - 280 pieces

Outside Notre Dame - 200 pieces

Quasimodo the celebrated hero - 500 pieces

Quasimodo's Toy World - 200 pieces


Everything is still available except the Gypsum Figurines and Esmeralda Barbie.
I also have Esmeralda's wagon with horses.

EDIT: Here are two pictures of the wagon. I know it's too bright, but the sun was shining *lol* It's Esmeralda's Gypsy wagon with two horses, two Esmeralda figures some furniture and I can give a Djali figurine in addition.

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