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Hello everyone :)
Just in case everyone forgot, it's Michelle (My previous username was mirrorthesoul, now I'm sorrowfulmind) Remember that I said that I was plan to make a HoND fansite? Well good news! The fansite is currently under construction! I have a layout made and it's uploaded! Here's a peek! (http://hond.mirrorthesoul.net) Check back often for new stuff and if you want to follow for updates, follow my updates at shiningbreeze :) I have a gallery set up which is located here and ready to use: http://hond.mirrorthesoul.net/gallery :) I have a message board that I will plug later as I need to put the finishing touches. ;P Keeping you guys posted!

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Title: With A Rope
Rating: PG-13
Fandom: The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Characters: Clopin
Words: 176
Notes: A few days ago I posted a meme in my journal to give me prompts in the style of a Clue guess. This is a response to the prompt "Clopin in the Latin Quarter of Paris with a rope".